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Women In The Black Chosen As Top Female Financial Site In Australia

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There are many great money sites out there, however most of them are overseas and can’t really relate to local needs. In Australia there is a just handful of finance related websites which is why we’re always interested in hearing what sites you like.

Honourable Mention:

Women In The Black 

You can find our most recent posts and sign up our newsletter here. We’ve been recently called the Erin Brokovich of financial websites, and featured as The Top Aussie Female Personal Finance Blog by Creditcard.com.au. In the review, Women In The Black was described as the “ site is what Australia’s females have been crying out for”.

We were honoured by the accolade, and we’re happy that people see our vision for the need of a financial website dedicated towards helping empower women. Having a community of like-minded friends regardless of what occupation you’re in, whether you are a stay at home mother, student, professional, business owner or retiree. Knowing we helped people it is one of the greatest gifts we can receive. This is why we created Women In The Black for women to connect and receive support from the wider community as well as one another.

To read the rest of the review about the top Aussie female personal finance blogs, head over to the CreditCard.com.au website.

Other Finance Websites:
We would love to hear which Australian finance sites you like, particularly those tailored specifically for women!

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  • iMoney®

    Good post, let’s grow financial blogs and make them educational

  • iMoney®

    A very important question is what you need to retire because baby-boomer women are 4 times more likely to be working into their sixties than their own mothers were 30 years ago, as financial stress puts retirement out of reach. The proportion of women aged 60 to 64 in the workforce has nearly doubled in a decade, from 25 per cent to 44 per cent, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare says in its latest report card on the nation’s welfare. Australians are now twice as likely to work beyond the traditional retirement age of 65 years, with 12 per cent of the over-65s in the workforce now, compared to 6 per cent in 2002.

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