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What If You Gave Up Your Nine To Five Job?

What If You Gave Up Your Nine to Five Job?

By Meg Ringrose

When I was having dinner with friends recently I was chatting about how much I love what I do in supporting women around their self development and watching them evolve.   One of the guests commented that she’s been in the work force for about 20 years and  that she feels it’s time she  gave up her nine  to five job but, she said, “I don’t know what I’d do”.

Her statement spoke volumes to me.  My intuition kicked in and Igot the feeling  that what she was trying to express was something like “I’ve been an important part of this company for so many years, I’m a VALUED employee, I’m part of what makes the company tick, I play a role in it’s success, I’m part of what makes it run smoothly and efficiently. I’d be sorely missed if I left there.  “Where else in my life could I find that kind of recognition?”

I couldn’t help but wonder if she’s hesitant to take that scary step for her because she feels she’d no longer be of value, no longer a necessary cog in the wheel, no longer important, no longer relevant.

The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of the word Relevant is ..”to be a necessary and important part of something.”

I feel this is what holds my friend back from stepping away from her working life and stepping into a more relaxed, happy and rewarding lifestyle.

Is this what’s holding you back too?

Here are 5 points worth exploring if you’re considering resigning your present position – for whatever reason.

  • How important is time with your family?
  • What are the things you love to do? – eg what would you love to work at all day even if you weren’t getting paid to do it?
  • What sort of books do you read? Do they fire up your passion or take you on a journey?
  • Is there something you’d like to do just for yourself like painting or yoga or learning a new skill?
  • How can you develop those passions (or discover new ones) and use them to serve others – to make other people feel valued, to bring them joy or help them achieve or feel wanted and loved?

You see, as a valued employee you are making a contribution to something bigger than you. You are helping that business or corporation somehow make a difference to peoples’ lives.

You can do that alone, you don’t need to be part of a corporate structure to contribute to good in the world, or to inprove someone else’s life or to inspire others.

If you look upon your transition to “retirement” or “self employment” in the same way and by that I mean if you see yourself making a contribution to something bigger than you, then your decision should be clearer and easier.

You don’t have to be part of a team or be answerable to a boss to be a contributor.  There are  many, many ways large and small to make a difference and be part of change for good.

By simply sharing your talents, skills, thoughts and ideas you can be a significant part of the lives of others. You can still be relevant.

Meg Ringrose is a life coach based in Sydney who’s passionate about supporting and assisting women to step out and shine. 


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