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What Does Money Mean To You And Your Partner?

What does money mean to you?

Patrice Washington, author, speaker and financial coach, says when it comes to our relationships; money is often not the issue that many seem to believe it is.

Money, that little piece of paper in your wallet, in and of itself is powerless. It’s actually what the money represents to two different individuals that becomes problematic.

Money represents different things to different people. Money and material items might equate to love and affection for some. 

For others, it could represent the difference between control and dependency or safety and stability. 

If a person was brought up in a family, where expensive presents were given as a sign of love and affection, they might expect to get the same treatment from a partner even as an adult.

But suppose their partner was raised to believe that working hard, saving money and providing a stable home environment meant love and affection? These are where two people who may mean well, can often bump heads.

What kind of financial frustrations do you have with your partner?

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