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Anonymous, 35

Whenever I see something I need on Groupon or Living Social, I buy the deal.


10 questions you wish you could ask her.

1. Where do you live?
2. How old are you?
3. Relationship Status?
4. Education
5. What do you do and how much do you earn?
Public Servant, $70k
6. Can you share the story of how your career began and the salaries along the way?
My first job was in hospitality earning $13 per hour. After I finished Uni, I went overseas for a few years to travel and had odd jobs teaching English. Upon returning to Sydney, I found a job in the public sector. I’ve been in the same department for 8 years. My salary has progressed slowly each year. The pay isn’t high but job security is important to me, which is why I have tried to progress up the ladder within the same organisation.
7. What has been your biggest financial challenge and success?
I have a mortgage on my own so it’s been hard doing it on my own. My success was purchasing my property when I returned from overseas. I’m glad I got into the property when I did, as real estate seems out of reach for most people.
8. What savings/debt do you have?
Any surplus money I have goes towards the mortgage repayments so I don’t have much savings and the only debt I have is the mortgage which is roughly $150k.
9. What does financial security mean to you?
It means not worrying about money, owning my home and anything else is a bonus. 
10. What’s the best money advice you can give to women?
Whenever I see something I need (such as new haircut or dinner out with friends) on Groupon or Living Social, I buy the deal. Knowing the full retail price, I then bank the difference to my online saver account. 

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