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Women In the Black

Anonymous, 33

What i identified early on in my career is that a degree helps you get your foot in the door and start at a decent salary.

Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.

10 questions you wish you could ask her.

1. Where do you live?
Eastern suburbs – Sydney
2. How old are you?
3. Relationship Status?
4. Education
University Degree
5. What do you do and how much do you earn?
>$100,000 Client Account Manager
6. Can you share the story of how your career began and the salaries along the way?
My career began just after i finished my university degree.
What i identified early on in my career is that a degree helps you get your foot in the door and start at a decent salary. You may not be able to apply all the theories and text book knowledge that you gained during your studies but it illustrates to your employer your academically capable of the role.
In the beginning your salary grows at a remarkable pace. It is not about just putting in long hours, it’s how you set yourself aside from everyone else.
12 years later and with the influence of the GFC, companies are less willing to give you that annual payrise that you started off with. Now its all about the bonus. This is because with a pay rise you they are committing to pay you that additional amount regardless of their performance and economic conditions.
7. What has been your biggest financial challenge and success?
I’ve always been a bit of a shopaholic. There was no such thing as window shopping. If i liked something i would buy it.
The biggest challenge was taking on a mortgage and being able to maintain my lifestyle.
3 years later i consider myself financially responsible as the mortgage has taught me a lot of discipline.
While everyone would like to own their own home, remember to make sure you can afford it.
8. What savings/debt do you have?
I have a mortgage for home i’m living in.
9. What does financial security mean to you?
Financial security to me means not having to worry about your finances and being just that little bit over comfortable with where you’re at money wise.
10. What’s the best money advice you can give to women?
Save – have a goal in mind
Spend – but be sensible
Be financially independent
Be responsible

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