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Women In the Black

Anonymous, 33

I’m in finance and I earn between $100-$130k. I took a pay cut from a sales role to a risk role in order to achieve work life balance.


10 questions you wish you could ask her.

1. Where do you live?
2. How old are you?
3. Relationship Status?
4. Education
Post Graduate Studies
5. What do you do and how much do you earn?
I’m in finance and I earn between $100-$130k. I took a pay cut from a sales role to take on a risk related role in order to achieve work life balance. 
6. Can you share the story of how your career began and the salaries along the way?
I started my career as a trainee in my chosen field for a large organisation. My first salary was about $46k. I moved up the ranks within 4 years after which I decided to look for more challenges. I found a role in the bank which enabled me to travel across Australia in a customer facing role. I was promoted internally and with this my salary jumped by $20k. I’ve since moved through various roles within the bank.
7. What has been your biggest financial challenge and success?
The biggest financial challenge was saving up a deposit for my home which I purchased on my own. Success has been being able to look after myself financially, being able to earn money and pay the bills and also save some and invest that money for the future.
8. What savings/debt do you have?
I have a mortgage. I have a healthy Super balance which should be on track by the time I retire although I’m exploring self managed superfunds at the moment. I have a share portfolio which I plan to keep for the long term and very little credit card debt. 
9. What does financial security mean to you?
Having all my needs met. Not worrying about money but being able to realise that all my needs are met and the rest is just “wants”.
10. What’s the best money advice you can give to women?
It’s so cliche to say but spend less than you earn and invest the difference. Having money means having choices in life. 

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