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Romance Is 50 Shades Of Stress For Busy Mums This Valentine’s Day


By Tamia Gallego

According to a new survery of around 1,700 mothers by family retail community, www.mumgo.com.au Australian mothers are doing their best to celebrate Valentine’s Day despite challenges including time, money and access to child minding.

The key findings  of the survey included the following:

“• Almost 1 in 2 mums are nonchalant about romance in their lives

• 1 in 2 mums spend less than one occasion per month exclusively with partner

• 3 in 5 mums say Valentine’s Day should be celebrated

• 3 in 5 mums will celebrate Valentine’s day at home

• 1 in 5 mums say Valentine’s Day is more about family than couples

• 24.7% mums expect to not purchase a gift for their partner

• 34.4% mums don’t expect to receive a purchased gift

• 7 in 10 mums consider shopping online this year due to convenience

• Dinner is at the top of the gift wish list, followed by spa treatments and flowers. (Tick, tick, tick).”

www.mumgo.com.au parenting ambassador, Lisa Creffield, says the poll shows the current mind set of mums when it comes to love, family and romance.

“This mood meter is showing us that while some mums are a little indifferent to romance, they definitely want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and not necessarily with gifts,” she says.

“Mums are telling us that access to money and child minding are really holding them back from celebrating the occasion exclusively with their partner, which may explain why the major proportion will be spending the evening at home.

“An increasing number are changing the way they celebrate Valentine’s Day after welcoming children into their lives, and they’re making it more about the immediate family by getting together to make themed decorations, or to share an early evening picnic together.”

“And other mums are working their celebration around the kids, waiting until they’ve gone to bed to enjoy some one on one time with their partner with a late meal, or a lounge room floor picnic while watching a DVD.”

It’s interesting to hear how mothers really feel about Valentine’s Day:

“Both our children are under two so organising babysitters is difficult.”

“We don’t go out on Valentine’s Day anymore, as it’s too hard to find a sitter but we still snuggle in with a movie and a few drinks to celebrate.”

“This will be our first Valentine’s Day with a child and the child will be with us all day.”

“Whether the kids are around or not, showing love is not something we hide from them. We share poetry, a nice cooked breakfast and try to go out somewhere nice, depending on weather. We love our kids too and Valentine’s Day is all about showing love.”

“We no longer go out for tea and to the cinema, we instead we have a picnic on the lounge room floor with a DVD after the kids go to bed.”

“We don’t usually go out for dinner on our own anymore. Instead we meet up for lunch during our lunch break at work instead.”

“It’s hard to find care or be able to afford it after Christmas and school expenses.”

The findings are somewhat depressing wouldn’t you say?  I hope on Valentine’s Day, mothers are shown loving gestures and appreciation for all the things that they do. A hint for the lads, although some women like to get spoiled, many would be uncomfortable knowing there’s a Tiffany bracelet under your arm when the bank account is running close to empty. Be conscious of her own spending habits and concerns and plan accordingly!

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