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International Women’s Day – The Change I Want To See

Women In the Black

As we celebrate International Women’s Day I would like women worldwide to have their own financial identity, their own sense of financial independence i.e the ability to rely on oneself. I desperately want to see income equality for the same work that women do as men. I want to see women end up with a decent super balance that would lead to a comfortable retirement.

As a new mother, I’m taking a one year gap out of the workforce to be with my daughter, the love of my life . Prior to taking maternity leave, I salary sacrificed extra to ensure that I made up for the loss of super.

While everything is hunky dory in our personal lives, women tend to let go of their financial independence. The day will come when we’ll be alone, after the children are gone, after the partner is gone (death, divorce, infidelity). You don’t want to be in a situation where you struggle financially as well as mentally.

As women we are multi-taskers, planners, organisers, do-ers. We are capable of so many things. I want you to fight for your independence. While young and able, now is the time to lock away as much money as you can.

Personally for me I choose to be a working mother. I see this as my insurance policy. My plan B, if anything was to go pearshaped, I would be OK.

What is the change you want to see?

Tamia Gallego, Founder


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