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I Want What She’s Got

I Want What She's Got

By Meg Ringrose

Do you watch friends or colleagues progress in life, climb the corporate ladder, build a new home, take the family on an overseas holiday and wonder why you haven’t been able to do that? Do you feel like life’s leaving you behind?

Why is it that your friends and associates earn a similar income to you, they have similar commitments, similar family situations but somehow they seem to fit more life into their lives.

How about your girlfriends who manage to head off on a girls’ weekend cruise, or the family next door who are adding an upstairs extension to their home or putting in a pool?

Your best friends are purchasing investment properties, new cars, new kitchens.

What are they doing that you’re not doing?


I used to hate making decisions. I would just leave it to the universe – or my husband – to decide where we would spend our annual holiday or whether we could afford a new car.

However I realise now that the difference between people moving on or moving ahead is the ability to continuously make decisions.


Don’t be afraid of making decisions for yourself and taking responsibility for them.  You may make wise choices or you may make a totally wrong decision, but your next decision can always be to make it right.


What do you want more of? What do you want to change about your life? Where would you like to go?  What would you like to have?

Here we go….baby steps right?

1. DECISION I’m going to take the family overseas on holiday.

2. After checking out travel brochures and holding a family meeting, you DECIDE we are all going on vacation to Bali.

3. DECIDE to book and pay deposit (IT GETS EASIER AFTER THIS).

4. DECIDE you’re all going to contribute to paying the balance.

5. DECIDE to prepare a family budget (with children for example they can undertake to do extra chores at home so you can work some extra hours).

6. DECIDE  you’re going to stick to it.

5. DECIDE how many sarongs you’ll need to take with you.

6. DECIDE whether to take a cab to the airport or drive yourselves.

7. DECIDE which cocktail to have at the floating bar……….


If you want to be, do and have more, it’s up to you to MAKE THE DECISION.

Don’t wait for the time to be right, step up and make the decision then stand back and watch the pieces fall into place.  It’s truly amazing what happens when you DECIDE to take action.

YOU are in control of your life. It safe to play on the surface and swim in the shallows but there’s always the option of drifting out over your head  – it only takes one decision!

Meg Ringrose is a life coach based in Sydney who’s passionate about supporting and assisting women to step out and shine.


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