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From Student To Investor With 15 Investment Properties In 3 Years

Zaki Ameer

Zaki Ameer came to Australia at the age of 17 in 1998 from a family of wealthy business people, so he could further his studies at University in Sydney.

Unexpectedly at the age of 19 Zaki’s family ran into trouble in business and were unable to support him any further. Being used to chauffeurs and maids from a young age for the first seventeen years of his life, Zaki found himself in a new country, immersed in a new culture, with no influence and without knowing anyone that could help sustain the lifestyle he had grown accustomed to.

Failing university 2 years in a row and taking 5 years to complete a 3-year degree with $80,000 in total debts, Zaki gained employment at one of the major 4 banks in Australia where he worked in many areas of finance for 11 years.

While working in the bank, Zaki also worked part time running several businesses following in the footsteps on his entrepreneurial parents overseas. Eventually after 15 years of fulltime work coupled with full time study and side businesses, Zaki took the leap to quit his day job. Zaki now does what he does very well for a living, which is helping others help themselves.

In the last three years Zaki has built an impressive investment portfolio comprising of 15 properties with minimal savings. Through commitment and discipline, Zaki has learnt a proven path and now uses his own success in property as a vehicle to empower others to become successful themselves.

Zaki’s guidance is not only the area of money but in an overall balanced view of wealth, which he defines as a balance between relationships, career, spirituality, community giving, business, finances. Here Zaki shares with Women In The Black his experiences as an investor:

1. What made you get into property investing?

I didn’t just one day wake up and realise I wanted to get into investing. What I wanted was to get more out of life than my full time career at the time. I had dabbled in various businesses and found that with real estate I was able to leverage more than in other types of investments such as shares, where I was able to borrow more of other people’s money to increase wealth.

2. What mistakes have you made?

I tend to see things as not mistakes, but lessons along the way. I always advise my clients to have the right financing structure in place and not cross collateralising their assets or risking their primary residence with the bank. A common mistake investors tend to make is to exceed their budget when renovating.  It’s important that you ensure to invest any equity you make back into acquiring more property as opposed to spending the money on something else.

3. What is the biggest lesson you could pass on?

You need patience and commitment to achieve success, as wealth doesn’t happen overnight. There is no get rich quick scheme. It has taken me 15 years on my journey and I am still learning.

4. Can you share with us your life before you were a property investor?

My life before I got into property was working for 10 years and saving and saving money, which was the slowest way I could think of to increase your wealth.

5. Tell us of how it all started?

Before investing in property, I invested in myself by learning about all there was to know about wealth relation and the psychology of success. I attended seminars, connected with like-minded people and learned from mentors.  I am constantly learning.

6. What words of encouragement would you give others?

I would encourage others to educate themselves in the area of finance and to start investing. Property enables you to build wealth quicker than if you were to try and save money from scratch. You have the ability to leverage property value and equity to build your investment portfolio. Some banks lend 90% or even up to 98% LVR to help you build your investment portfolio. You have to have a good team of experts to help you achieve your goals. 

7. What is your long-term wealth strategy?

My plan is to build my investment portfolio as my properties increase in value and to hold on to the properties for the long term where they provide me with a passive income which enables me to continue to do what I love.

In March 2013 Zaki and his team at Dream Design Do, helped a client purchase a property before it hit the market for $325,000. The owner living in the property wanted to downsize to a smaller unit and was looking for a quick sell. With the Dream Design Do team of strategists, mortgage advisers, builders, lawyers, property managers and project managers, Zaki helped the client crunch the numbers and figure out that with a renovation of $25,000 the property would be worth around $380,000.

In 4 weeks Zaki and his team undertook the renovation process from start to finish without the customer having to worry about the minor details. Once completed, the client inspected the newly renovated project and was happy with the finished product. A bank valuation was organised which showed an increased value of $375,000 allowing the client to access an additional $25,000 in equity for future investing.

We love Zaki’s motto “Why not you and Why not Now”. For more information about Zaki Ameer, visit his website and Facebook page.


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