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UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners Tess Kanschat, Theresa Wilson and Mark Robert Lillington. To claim your prizes, please email your postal address to tamia.gallego@womenintheblack.com.au. Thanks everyone for entering.

We’re giving away a delectable Bimbadgen wine pack to three lucky fans!

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  • Elizabeth

    a daily definition of financial terms, with pertinent examples

  • womenintheblack

    Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your comment. Are you already a fan on FB as we need to find you in order for you to be eligible. What is your surname? – Tamia xx

  • Aimee Tatham

    I would love to see more tips on how to budget more in your everyday life, also a affirmation a day quote to start the morning of in a positive way towards yourself :)

    • womenintheblack

      Thanks Aimee, we’ll try to incorporate more positive affirmations on our page and show you finance tips to apply to everyday life. Have a great day! Tamia xx

  • Rachel Robertson

    Inspirational stories of women in the red who turned it around to be women in the black would be fantastic. That would be such a great thing for people like me who are trying to do just that. I know I’m not the only one but people don’t like to talk about it!

    • womenintheblack

      Thanks for the comment Rachel. In the past we’ve reached out to women to talk about their money situations. While they were happy to discuss offline, they didn’t want their issues to be published. It’s rather hard to get women to open up about their struggles as I think they feel shameful or compare themselves to others. I wish women would be more open about money, from their struggles, to their successes to help others. We created this page to get women to share sage advice anonymously http://womenintheblack.com.au/real-women-in-the-black/. Feel free to check it out! xx


    Inspirational stories of women who have turned their lives around with success stories.

    • womenintheblack

      Thanks Janelle, will do! xx

  • Theresa Wilson

    I find your page excellent and to be very well rounded. A great combination of advice, up to date information and news, and positive stories. It’s full of facts, not just opinions. Probably the only thing I could suggest are more stories of women who have faced difficulties, had a dream, and pushed through – to inspire us that are struggling – that there IS a way through.

  • Tess

    I think the page has a great balance while focusing on all thing financial. Maybe some more tips on work/life balance from a positivity, health perspective? Or for those with very little income advice and tips on how to make the most of small amounts (as retirement, investing etc may not be possible at that stage when living on the breadline) Otherwise I like what I read and see. :)

  • Yvette L Ajani

    I think your page is very well rounded, although I’d love to see budgeting for larger families? I have 4 kidlets, and with the silly season upon us some general ideas of budgeting would be great!!! Cheers

  • Sharon Johnson

    Love your page. i need an extra push every now and again. So motivational pieces inspire me to make changes.

  • Sharon Johnson

    I need an extra push along every now and again. So motivational pieces help to inspire me. Thanks

  • Lynne Lillington

    A forum where women can get advice from each other would be great.

  • Mark Robert Lillington

    In the Retirement
    Area you could maybe the odd post people who are Retired but are still young of
    age i feel everyone forgets there are people who cannot work through illness and
    will never work again, no one thinks or caters for a 50 yo who has no chance of
    working again , its a fact of life there are groups of people that don’t fit
    into a category as such :)

  • Judy Angela Eastwood

    As a busy mum, i desperatley need more creative ways to budget!

  • Emma Puszkar

    Meals for busy women!

  • Lynda Kaye

    your page is great ,I like to see more ideas to help keep my marriage alive , after 30 years you could use some new tips.

  • Tanya E

    Better ways to manage our finances.

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