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Picture the relaxed atmosphere of a girls’ night out, toss in a group of financially engaged ladies and add in a little money-conscious twist, loosen with a glass of wine and some nibbles and you have a Women In The Black Event!

So often, money is a taboo discussion topic. Women In The Black is here to demystify expertise, expose schemes and poor financial decisions while inspiring women and encouraging them to change their financial situations.

At the events you will learn to embrace new habits, plan personal goals, learn from some amazing women and help each other prosper.

The Women In The Black event is a great way to openly plan your goals and have a support group to help you to achieve them.  We’ll discuss interesting money making and investing strategies. Some of us want to stash away some money for retirement, the children’s university education or want to save for the holidays. Or we may want to reduce that credit card balance, manage a limited monthly cashflow or look towards buying a home.

Our members are women with ambition, drive and an aspiration toward financial independence.  We can  learn something from each other when we share knowledge and support each other.

Women In The Black include: professionals, business owners, students, mothers, future mothers, friends, partners, married and single women.  In fact any Australian woman has the potential to become a Women In The Black!

The events:

– Provide each member to reach out for connections and advice

– Have expert guest speakers on a chosen topic

– Held in unique locations

– Offer refreshments

– Present giveaways

– Combine education and fun

– A portion of sales to benefit The Royal North Shore Hospital

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Women In The Black is a community where like-minded women discuss personal finance, saving, investing and building wealth.
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