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Career Profile: Lisa Messenger, CEO The Messenger Group and Editor-In-Chief Renegade Collective

Lisa Messenger

By Tamia Gallego

I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Lisa Messenger, CEO and Creative Director of The Messenger Group and Editor-in- Chief of the newly launched glossy business magazine named Renegade Collective, based in Sydney.

Lisa started her publishing business in 2001 following a global career in PR, events, marketing and sponsorship. At a time where businesses in the industry were going online to convey their messages, Lisa took a bold and unconventional business approach to producing traditional and gorgeous custom-made books as a way of marketing her clients’ businesses to increase engagement and revenue. Think active living advocate Lorna Jane Clarkson’s MORE and property guru Chris Gray’s The Effortless Empire, whose works I love following.

Lisa stated that if you were going to give away something tangible to your clients for information, or as a way of converting prospective clients at networking events, it should be something fabulous that speaks volumes about your brand.  It is this kind of initial investment that can convert $30,000 into $80,000 of business revenue. And I think she is right on the money!

With her latest endeavour, Lisa has committed $1.5M to print the first four issues of Renegade Collective to be distributed globally. Her magazines grace the newsstands and tablets and are accessible in countries such as the US, Italy, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, and Canada just to name a few.

Lisa has an unwavering sense of self-belief in pursuing a career and life that she loves and was willing to bet “the farm” to turn her venture into a sustainable success. “The farm and everything” include Lisa’s property portfolio that she has built over time to the value of about $3.2M.  Even though she confesses she is hopeless at the small details, Lisa knows well enough to protect the hard work she has put in by creating a stream of passive income through property.

It is not only her business savvy and self-sufficiency that makes her a great model to women, Lisa exudes warmth and authenticity which comes across in her social media feeds. Being in the entrepreneur game for the last 11 years has not jaded this feminine rule breaker, it’s only made her more determined to chase bigger dreams, continue to live a fulfilling life and be the person she wants to be.

So what has Lisa learned to stay connected to her true self? Here are her thoughts to a well-meaning life:

On fear:

“I know this may sound strange but it’s really important to jump and learn to fly on the way down. Fearing failure is often what holds many people back and it just means too many opportunities are missed. Sometimes you just need to have the tenacity to just do it.”

On wearing many hats:

“My team and I often joke that life would be boring without slashie roles. To manage this, I think it’s about finding your third space – that’s something my dear friend Adam Fraser talks about. It’s about finding the in between time between various roles – whether this be closing your eyes for just a second, taking a deep breath and reminding yourself just how amazing life is.”

On what you need to start your own business:

“You need to remember that it’s all about failing fast. Don’t spend ages trying to perfect a business plan that quite honestly may fall on its head the minute it’s implemented. You’re not always going to get it right. As long as you keep backing yourself 100 per cent and keep checking in on your vision, everything will eventually work out. And if you are truly an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter if that one idea doesn’t. Sometimes an even better idea will spawn from failure.”

On needing or leveraging support from others:

“Play to your strengths and hire your weaknesses. I’m the first to admit that I’m a visionary who lacks attention to detail. I make sure my team buy into the vision and are just as passionate as I am. That is truly the most important thing.”

On what she wishes she knew on relationship, career, success:

“I wish I realised much earlier on just how important it is to think big from the outset. You’re only limited by your own vision so forget the naysayers, forget the fear of failure. It always will come down to you proving everyone else wrong. Anything is truly possible.”

Thank you very much Lisa for your insight xx.


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