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Yianni Tsimopoulos

Yianni Tsimopoulos is the Managing Director & Senior Wealth Adviser of Nationwide Group of Companies. ...
Personal Finance Expert
Benjamin Land

Benjamin Land

Coporate Humanitarian & Social-Purpose Advisor. BA International Development Studies; Masters Certificate in Project Management.
Philanthropy and Corporate Responsibility Specialist

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Wade Tink

I am a young professional woman with limited opportunity for wealth creation at this early stage in my career. How can I start early with my investing and grow from here?

My immediate reaction to this question is why do you think you have limited opportunity for wealth creation? Even a small amount can make a large difference with time which is something you have in abundance as you commence your professional career and are probably about to enter a steep ...
November 8, 2012 
Renee Hush

I have recently gone through a divorce and I received a small lump sum settlement. My husband is a successful business owner and was the one who took care of the finances in our relationship ...

Now is a time for new beginnings and time for you to take control of your life. Whilst I know it is scary and you would certainly be overwhelmed it is great that you are asking the question as it shows you  are ready to learn and take control of ...
November 7, 2012  Renee Hush   Personal Finance Expert
Tom George

Is there a type of insurance that would cover me if I became really ill and had to take time off work to recover? My colleague is recovering from a car accident where he lost ...

Personal insurance is there to provide financial assistance at your time of need.  A serious illness or injury will have an impact on your ability to do your job, as with your colleague who was unfortunate enough to lose his leg.  There are two options that would assist, being income ...
November 7, 2012  Tom George   Life Risk Expert
Liam Shorte

I’m 25 and just starting out in my career. I hear that people will change their careers 3-4 times in their lives which leaves me baffled about what to do for my retirement savings. I’m ...

To give you a comprehensive answer I would need more details on your income and expenses etc but here is some general guidance. Focus and paying off credit card debt first but after that lets look at other options. You should look to see what adds the most value to each ...
November 6, 2012  Liam Shorte   Personal Finance Expert

I’ve just been retrenched. How am I going to survive financially until I find another job?

In the current climate of economic uncertainty none of us are safe from the dreaded tap on the shoulder – it can happen to anyone. In fact, one in three workers will experience retrenchment at some point in their career. This doesn’t change the reality that a retrenchment can be ...
October 31, 2012  Angus Dockrill   Personal Finance Expert
Anne Graham

I would like to learn to invest. I have funds of about $100,000 post divorce and would like to find a way to earn the highest compound interest. What would be the best way to ...

Hi Trish, it's great to hear you want to learn how to invest. You have so many options available but if you're looking to invest the funds in a safe, capital secure investment then cash or term deposits is the way to go. Usually the term deposit rates are higher than ...
October 31, 2012  Anne Graham   Personal Finance Expert

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This is a Vietnamese woman selling waffles in front of the Louis Vuitton store in District.1 in Saigon, Vietnam. You notice the contrast between poverty …

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