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Angus Dockrill

Hi Angus. Just hoping to get some guidance on managing our financial situation. My husband and I earn a total of $160,000 gross. We have three investment properties with LVR around 85%. We rent our ...

Hi Kathryn,

Congrats on reaching out. With 3 investment properties you sound as if you are committed to improving your financial wealth. Well done!

Subject to you retaining adequate cash on hand to cover any emergencies, it is a wise decision to repay your credit card ...

March 7, 2014  Angus Dockrill   Personal Finance Expert
Anne Graham

Hello Anne, I have been heartened to find the Women In The Black website today. It has taken me until my forties to begin taking control of my money. I am on the financial back ...

Hi Prue - thank you for your question. You’re doing so well with your finances, so give yourself a big pat on the back. I see so many people (male and female) who are not in great financial shape but find it almost impossible to change habits and turn themselves ...
October 22, 2013  Anne Graham   Personal Finance Expert
Anne Graham

After many years single I have met someone but he has about $50,000 debt with various debt agencies (he doesn’t know I know this). He also has a car about to break down for good. ...

Hi and thanks for your question. As you no doubt realise, life is never straight-forward and you certainly have a few issues to consider which not only include financial matters such as possible STD’s (sexually transmitted debt) but also trust issues. It’s great that you are aware of your partner’s ...
October 6, 2013  Anne Graham   Personal Finance Expert
Nick Viner

My friend has two investment properties in Cairns, which he purchased for approx $200k. The two properties are positively geared. My friend is suggesting that I look into buying in Cairns as it only requires ...

Hi Kate, I would definitely not consider investing in Cairns. As you imply, the rental return is around 7% gross which is strong. However, the capital growth is dreadful. The median 5 year growth figures for units in Cairns City and Cairns North are around -25% and – 24%. The ...
February 12, 2013  Nick Viner   Property Expert
Naomi Rosenthal

My husband and I acquired significant credit card debt several years ago when we were both students and working part time. I am desperate to pay it off, but he would rather make the minimum ...

While it may feel good to think that you’re saving money for a nest egg, it isn’t as financially sound a decision as paying off credit card debt first. This is because interest rates on credit cards are generally significantly higher than rates you can earn on savings accounts. And ...
December 2, 2012  Naomi Rosenthal   Personal & Small Business Wealth Expert
Sarah Leslie

I am writing for some advice – after 15+ years in corporate roles, I am looking to move into financial planning. Studying DFP and wondering how to break into the industry. Any pointers?

Hi Alice Great to hear that you’re coming over to the financial planning industry!  Studying the DFP subjects is a great start that will give you a good base but, as with most things, nothing beats hands on experience to enhance your skills and give you a leg up.  I know ...
November 8, 2012  Sarah Leslie   Personal Finance Expert

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