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Tamia and Justin Gallego are the Founders of womenintheblack.com.au, a go-to financial resource for Australian women of all ages, demographics and life stages.

As Founders Tamia and Justin are responsible for setting the mission and brand values as well as the voice of womenintheblack.com.au.


Tamia Gallego

Tamia stepped into the financial world at a young age. At just 18 she worked hard enough to be able to purchase her very first car with her own hard earned cash. After the purchase of the car Tamia immediately planned her next goal and at 23 purchased her own home with a 20 per cent deposit mortgage. Tamia has always understood the importance of being financially independent and finds this resonates particularly with other women.

Sharing advice and stories with friends is one of Tamia’s favourite past-times and believes the more women talk about money the more it can liberate them, and you soon realise that you are not alone.

Tamia is passionate about women accumulating, growing and protecting wealth to secure their own financial freedom. Her focus lies in a holistic view of money management thereby making finance relevant, fashionable and relatable for women everywhere.

Having worked in finance related roles ranging from Auditor, National Acquisition Manager and Relationship Manager for a major 4 bank and being a business owner, Tamia has all the credentials and life experience to be able to offer solid financial advice. Tamia is also Certified Practicing Accountant with a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology, Sydney.


Justin Gallego

Often sporting a bow tie around town, Justin is originally from Toronto, Canada and co-founder of Women In The Black. Justin graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts, and spent time abroad studying at the University of Hong Kong. After graduating university, Justin moved to London, England and began his career in sales working for a publishing company, before moving to digital media.

Justin also lived in China for seven years, splitting his time between Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Beijing, working for Jones Lang LaSalle and a start up technology company. Having exposure to different global markets, industries and living within different cultures gave him great insight, empathy and understanding of how different people live and sometimes struggle financially month to month.

Justin is now based in Sydney and is dedicated in helping people, especially women in taking control of their financial health. Becoming a Co-Founder of Women in the black with wife Tamia is the next natural step on their journey. Justin is also passionate about ice hockey and his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs, and is also a huge fan of rugby union, golf and travelling, having been to over 40 countries to date.


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