Women In The Black


Women In The Black is an online community dedicated to empowering and educating Australian women from all walks of life to make smart financial decisions.

Who We Are

Women In The Black aims to be the first port of call offering financial empowerment for Australian women from all walks of life.

Our blog is created to be easy to understand as well as provide Australian women with practical tips and financial education they need to take control of their financial lives and empower themselves to achieve their dreams!

Launched in June 2012, Women In The Black is a community where modern Australian women can learn, share, discuss and act on opportunities to take control of their finances and ultimately secure a stable financial future.

A Women In The Black Is:

  • Financially Independent
  • In Control Of Her Life
  • Self-Sufficient
  • Empowered

What’s In It For Me?

  • Connect with like-minded individuals
  • Share your experiences with the community
  • Empower and inspire other women
  • Work towards a bank balance which is always in the black
  • Gain information, tools and support to earn more, spend wisely and invest well
  • Promote and strengthen understanding of financial stability

Editors Letters

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 4.05.59 PM

Alarming Statistics Highlight Hidden Poverty

This is a Vietnamese woman selling waffles in front of the Louis Vuitton store in District.1 in Saigon, Vietnam. You notice the contrast between poverty …

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Women In The Black is a community where like-minded women discuss personal finance, saving, investing and building wealth.
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